First rate reputation amongst all players and partners
One of the most innovative companies in terms of products and services
Give priority to our clients and deal professionally with their needs
Offer a personalized service to each of our clients
Accept criticism to continuously improve
Maintain quality service with our business partners and service providers
High solidarity and fidelity of agents and brokers
Strong professional personnel with small turnover
Offer easy access to all hospitals – hospitalization network includes all hospitals and laboratories worldwide
Offer– claims are settled by phone or fax simple and easy claim procedures
Close claim disclosure quickly and fairly

Our team has strong knowledge of our clients and products which provides them with all the tools to resolve claims in a consistent, flexible, and fair manner.

We work hard to offer personalized services with one point of contact for each client which enables transparency and efficiency.

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Doctor Visit

You can submit your claim online
Medical Claim
Motor Claim
Personal Accident Claim
Workmen Compensation
Miscellaneous Claims

For all other claims, please contact the company on 1280 and ask to be transferred to the relevant claims department.

We pride ourselves in having the highest renewal rate of more than 90% for the past 5 years. 

Feel free to check our products page or reach us by email comins@commercialinsurance.com.lb. We will make sure to contact you within 24hrs.

We are one of the oldest insurance companies in the region with a highly recognized reputation of professionalism, rich and proficient technical know how, and excellent customer service.

Commercial Insurance is supported by first class reinsurers with whom we enjoy a high credibility for over 50 years.

We have been offering uninterrupted services to all clients in Lebanon & worldwide (even during the most critical situations such as wars, clashes etc)

Finally, we have increased client access by operating from headquarters in Beirut, our offices in Jounieh in addition to the 24-hour call center ‘1280’

We love hearing your feedback to emphasize what we do well and amend any misfortune. We consider mistakes part of our ongoing learning and enriching journey towards constant excellence.

Kindly reach us by email comin@commercialinsurance.com.lb.  Please add all your contact details and we will make sure to contact you within 24hrs.