About Us


The Egyptian Insurance Company

The founder's insurance company, is nationalized under the Egyptian Nationalization movement

Establishment of Commercial Insurance

Founder Roger Zaccar moves to Lebanon and establishes Commercial Insurance Company

Insurance Register no 101/62 and Commerce Register no12207

Composite insurance company: life and non-life insurance licenses

Member of the Association of Insurance Companies in Lebanon (ACAL) since 1974

Temporary move to Cyprus

Our offices located on the 9th floor of Starco was used by militias as a strategic point and eventually all burnt

We could not reach our offices because of the violent battles particularly in the nearby hotels

We moved to a small office to serve our clients, mainly settling claims

Finally, during the challenging times where no electricity nor communications means were available, all our team moved to Cyprus until Lebanon re-established basic infrastructure

1974 – 1989
Jeddah Agency

Commercial Insurance established an agency in Jeddah which also served clients in Damman Register no. 26/71

Commercial Insurance: Corporate Governance Case Study

Commercial Insurance was selected by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA)  as a corporate governance case study for family owned enterprises

50th Anniversary

Commercial Insurance celebrates its 50th anniversary by inviting the whole team and their families to a trip to Turkey


What guides our actions







What we strive to be

To be the preferred insurance company in our markets


What our company does

Our aim is to manage your risks so you can live boldly

Why work with us

Commercial Insurance accumulates almost 60 years of experience in both life and non life insurances. Our personalized customer service has been reflected in our renewal ratio which is one of the highest in the market.
We offer tailored and specialized insurance and risk consulting for individuals and corporates accross all industries. We are distinguished by our rigorous and transparent corporate governance.
Commercial Insurance was selected to be a corporate governance case study by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) & Lebanese Transparent Agency (LTA).
Finally, our renowned reputation relies on our financial strength which positions us as one of the most solvent and liquid companies.

CSR Activities

Commercial Insurance has since its establishment been very sensitive to its corporate social responsibility engaging heartfully and mindfully with our community

We have signed the UN global Compact in an effort to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies to protect human rights, labor laws, the environment and anti-corruption. 



As part of Commercial Insurance’s corporate social responsibility program, we have invested heavily to develop microinsurance to insure the underserved lower income population. In 2009, we became a grantee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and have dedicated a department to serve the most vulnerable populations since.

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NGO Partnerships

Commercial Insurance has developed a partnership program with several NGOs whereby in additional to regular sponsorships and donations, we develop tailored insurance products for their

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UN Global Compact

Commercial Insurance has signed the UN global Compact in an effort to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies to protect human rights, labor laws, the

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